Silvereye Birds Feeding on Windsticks

notice how the birds are making the Windsticks move as the bounce from wand to wand to feed
15 x 3m Orange15 x 3m Orange

15 x 3m Orange

Feed the Birds - #1

Feed the Birds

Flower Sculpture - #1

custom installation

Flower Sculpture

10x3m + 20x2m + 6 flower petals

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Carol (Hamilton)
OMG Instant bird attraction. From the minute I put them in there have been waxeyes on it. I love them and when I can afford it will buy more. Highly recommended, Kim bent over backwards to help. Many thanks, love your work.
Sian (Milford)
They are awesome, within 2 hours the wax eyes turned up and were having a feed. Can't get the smile off my face.
Sian (Milford)
(....A few weeks later......) I ordered some windsticks off you and have them in installed in my front garden. I was wondering if you could send me up some more cards on them as to date I have had 9 people come to my door and ask where I got them from, including a couple of notes stuck to my door, asking me to ring people etc. They are a hit in Milford
Lee-Anna (Wellington)
Best purchase this year!!!!!! Hours of amusement watching silvereyes, fast delivery and great communication . Thanks
Pinky (Wellington)
After a week of patiently placing fresh fruit on the sticks every day, the clever silvereyes caught on, and naturally the sparrows have followed. I 'planted' the windsticks outside my office - I work from home - and the daily circus is a welcome distraction. We also have some outside our bedroom window, and weekend mornings are spent... Read More
Francie (Hamilton)
Within 5 minutes of me putting the Windsticks in the ground with kiwifruit on them the wax eyes were all over them, it was awesome, they are wonderful for feeding the birds and keeping them safely away from my cats. Many thanks, love your work.
Windsticks Review at kiwi reviews 9.8/10. Slicing apples up and shoving them on sticks may seem like a waste, but on the third day... waxeyes! Yes, we have avian visitors after only a few days! It's been a little over a week now, and we have a mated pair of waxeyes who are regular guests and our waving buffet, and they often bring... Read More